It’s undoubted that digital cameras have brought photography into the mainstream. As near-professional level digital cameras proliferate, studio photography intrigues both new and well-seasoned photographers alike. While any environment can serve as a make-shift studio, shooting in cramped quarters such as a home, has its limitations: space, lighting, privacy. Owning a studio is beyond the budget of most photographers; both amateur and professional.

PhotoSpace fills this need by offering a professional studio setting for affordable rentals; with full access to equipment. Now anyone can practice studio photography without the hassle of owning a studio, or purchasing expensive lighting equipment. Product, glamour, fashion, boudoir, portraits – whatever your photographic interest, our studio fills the need.

We are offering multiple rental pricing:

  • One Hour rental     $45.00     (minimum 2 hours)
  • One day rental        $320.00    (based on 8 hour day)
  • Week rental             $810.00   (based on 40 hour week)

Monthly Membership:

  • 5 Hours               $200.00
  • 15 Hours             Call for price
  • 25 Hours             Call for price


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If you find your needs are slightly more specific than what we’ve detailed above, or you just want to get a more individualized quote to suite your project or photo work then please feel free to contact us!

*If less than 48 hours before your booking date and time, we are required full payment.

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