Valentine’s Day Special

Personal tutoring sessions on photography for couples

Happy Valentine’s Day to all couples, especially those that enjoy learning together. Add one of our classes to your holiday celebration! If you need direct help or instruction on photography, I offer individual tutoring sessions that are personalized, one-on-one, at my studio. In each session we’ll be sure to focus on topics where you need the most help or clarification.

Special Bonus: Free Valentine’s Day picture of you and your significant other with every class and/or tutoring purchase!

Introduction to Digital Photography

This a one-on-one class covering the basics of photography, you’ll learn not only what makes a good photograph, but the tips and tricks how to create great photos! This class is suitable for everyone and anyone ​with an interest understanding of the basic principles of photography.

Class topics include:
  • Understanding of composition, ISO, aperture, focus settings, and more
  • Taking control of the camera – understanding what all of the modes, dials, buttons and settings are used for
  • Learning to see shoot before you press the shooter, capturing the "moment"
  • How to get a proper exposure, exposure triangle.
  • Different type of lens and how they can enhance your images
  • Using your camera’s built-in flash or off camera flash to well lit your subject
  • Post production workflow

​Introduction to​ Studio Lighting

This a one-on-one class covering all of the essential equipment used in professional studio​ photography; including, but not limited to, hot and cool lights, reflectors, umbrellas, soft boxes, hand held meters, and more. ​In addition to the equipment overview, lighting ratios and posing techniques will also be discussed. This class is suitable for everyone and anyone ​with an interest in ​studio methods and techniques. ​Interested students should have ​an​ understanding of the basic principles of photography.

Class topics include:
  • Basic Equipment
  • Studio lighting overview
  • White Balance
  • Incident Vs Reflective Metering
  • Light Ratios
  • Wireless lights control
  • Basic 2 and 3 light studio set-ups
  • Preparing for Studio Session

Mastering Flash Photography

We all know “There is no Photography without light!”, but sometimes we don’t have enough light. Fortunately, the camera flash is our best friend. But sometimes camera flash feels intimidating! This a one-on-one workshop will cover techniques to get you proficient with camera flash. This is a little more advanced workshop and is perfect for anyone looking to improve pictures using an external flash. You will learn how to use your build-in and external flash.

Workshop topics include:
  • How light works.
  • Soft light and hard light.
  • How your flash works.
  • Different between build-in and external flash.
  • Available flash modifiers.
  • How to mix flash with natural light.
  • Wireless flash.

Techniques for a Perfect Headshot

This a one-on-one workshop will cover techniques to get perfect headshots every time. This is a little more advanced workshop and is perfect for any person looking to take better photos of your family and friends or clients. You will learn how to compose your subjects, what to look for, and how to manipulate lighting to shine on the best features of your subject.

Workshop topics include:
  • Why do I need a headshot?
  • Types of headshots and key points of portrait photography.
  • Light and light source.
  • Finding the right equipment.
  • Develop flow to your headshot session.
  • Review the shots with the client.

Lightroom Crash Course

Do you have a lot of images to manage? Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a great tool for any photographer who needs to edit and sort images quickly. Whether you're a professional or amateur photographer, Lightroom will help you get the results you want in a lot less time. You’ll spend two hours one-on-one exploring the new features and functions found in Adobe Lightroom CC. Lightroom is great polish your photos, to save time, impress clients or your family and friends, and stay organized.

Class topics include:
  • Understanding Lightroom catalogs
  • Importing photos from multiple sources.
  • Organizing photos.
  • Reviewing and rating photos.
  • Develop module basic image corrections.
  • Adjustment tools.
  • Exporting edited photos.

​Photoshop for Photographers

This is a one-on-one class that will overview the basic and essential tools for a photographer in Adobe Photoshop. From simple color balancing, to complex artistic composition, this course will give you the tools to bring your photography to new heights. All levels of experience are welcome; amateurs, professionals, and everyone in-between. Interested students should have basic computer literacy skills and an operable version of Adobe Photoshop.

Classes are personalized for each student, with topics such as:
  • Setting up Photoshop
  • Working with Camera Raw
  • Improving Basic Exposure and Tone
  • Working with Masks and Adjustment Layers
  • Image Retouching Techniques
  • Advanced Image Compositing
  • Adobe Suite Integration